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Lan Lin Daolun

January 02, 2018

Since joining the hotel as a Trainee in July this year, Lan Lin has consistently demonstrated the Hilton values of Hospitality, Ownership and Now.

Once, when Lan Lin noticed that a Guest had hurt his leg, he immediately requested for ice and medication and proceeded to administer first aid. He then thoughtfully assisted the Guest to his room to rest. Not only that, Lan Lin took the initiative to help retrieve medication for the Guest, who could not move around much. The Guest was very touched by Lan Lin's thoughtfulness and has since become a loyal Guest of the hotel.

In another example, a Guest had arrived at the hotel and reported that he had misplaced his mobile phone in the taxi which dropped him off. Lan Lin took immediate action to try to contact the taxi driver by dialling the Guest's mobile phone. When the call went unanswered, Lan Lin decided to check on CCTV footage to determine the taxi's car plate number. He then contacted the taxi company, obtained the taxi driver's phone number and finally managed to get hold of the driver. As a result of Lan Lin's perseverance and quick-thinking, the mobile phone was retrieved and the Guest was very grateful to Lan Lin.

Lan Lin's exceptional hospitality has earned him much praise from Guests and appreciation from his co-workers. In October, as recognition for his good work, he was awarded Trainee of the Month by the hotel.

Thank you Lan Lin for helping to make Hilton the most hospitable company in the world.