Global/Corporate News

Vasiliy Kazbanov

December 27, 2017

Since joining the hotel in 2015, Vasiliy has become the backbone of the operations within the F&B department. His welcoming and can-do attitude is infectious and he's really made a difference in the way the hotel team communicates and works together. Vasiliy is the go-to person to make sure new hires are orientated, briefed and trained up, with many of them commenting how "welcoming and informative" these sessions are. From completing a wine training course so he can recommend bottles to the most discerning Guests, to training new starters, he is always ready to go that extra mile.

Vasiliy embodies what it means to be a great team player, even coming in on his days off if the team needs extra help. He's also recently joined the Blue Energy Committee, where he brings a positive attitude and creative ideas. Vasiliy's professional attitude helps to show all Team Members how it's possible to be attentive, Guest orientated and happy at the same time.

Volodymyr Yakymets‍, F&B Service Manager at Hotel Kyiv said, "Vasiliy is an F&B super man. If he cannot do something, then nobody can!"

Thank you Vasiliy for spreading the light and warmth of Hilton hospitality on every occasion.