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Helen Feng

December 21, 2017

Helen, who has been with the hotel since its pre-opening two years ago, is known for being an 'Ambassador of Smiles', consistently delivering excellent hospitality and exceptional experiences for Guests.

Helen always takes great effort to prepare for every Guest's arrival - tailoring each stay experience to the Guest's preferences and special requests. She will also actively source out opportunities to create pleasant surprises for Guests through intuitive service.

Her efforts have been recognized by hotel Guests who leave plenty of positive feedback via the hotel's social media channels. Some of these feedbacks have also appeared on SALT.

On one occasion, Helen discovered that a Guest, one Mr Yang, had a preference for taking baths with a special bath salt, in her conversations with him while she was showing him around the hotel facilities. She immediately went to source for bath salt, even contacting the supplier directly as the hotel was low on stockpiles at that time. In addition to supplying Mr Yang's room with the bath salt during his stay, Helen also created a Guest profile recording Mr Yang's preference in the hotel's system. As such, half a year later when Mr Yang returned to the hotel, his Guestroom was again supplied with the same bath salt. Touched by Helen's gesture, Mr Yang expressed his appreciation for her both in person and through SALT.

Helen's exceptional service is so sought after that another Diamond member, a Mr Chen, specially chooses to stay in the hotel during Helen's working days. This is as Helen would always ensure a tailored and comfortable stay for him and his family - preparing the Guestroom to his preferences and ensuring a ready supply of his favorite beer, Heineken.

Apart from her dedicated service excellence, Helen also demonstrates hospitality towards her colleagues. She is always patient and ever-ready to lend a helping hand, sometimes sacrificing her days off to assist with hotel operations during busy periods.

Thank you Helen, for helping to make Hilton the most hospitable company in the world.