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Victoria Laurella

January 02, 2018

Victoria developed her career at the hotel, while also pursuing a graduate degree at the Long Island Audiology Consortium. Working at Hilton has taught her how to be successful in a fast-paced environment through multitasking, providing exceptional service and organizing her team. Most importantly, working in Banquets she has the opportunity to interact with a multitude of different cultures every weekend, which has added to her knowledge in caring for patients from around the world.

Victoria's work in the audiology field provides her the ability to make a tremendous positive impact in lives every day. Victoria has witnessed many patients withdraw from conversations because they cannot hear or follow what is going on. She has the remarkable opportunity to connect patients back to their friends, family and social gatherings.

Victoria's passion has always been to help others. Her commitment to earn a graduate degree in audiology while working with Hilton enables her to help people on a regular basis. At Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island, she helps Guests on one of the most important days of their lives - their wedding day! She loves to help keep people laughing and as calm as possible throughout the day. As a Captain, she gets to know every Team Member and ensures that they have a good experience while at work.

Veronica has also volunteered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which works in more than 100 countries to bring the gift of hearing to those without resources. As a volunteer, she visited Trinidad and the Philippines where she paired patients with hearing devices and trained local residents on how to use the devices. Victoria recalls a memorable experience she had while volunteering, "I encountered a 5-year-old boy who was born with hearing loss and was nonverbal. When I fit him with the devices so that he could hear, his entire face lit up...he turned around and pointed to my mouth as I was speaking...he could not stop moving around in his chair, his smile was priceless."

Along with other Team Members, Victoria also made a positive impact on a boy from her local Community. The hotel was hosting a grade school graduation in the ballroom, and the team became aware that the family of one of the graduates could not attend so the youth had arrived at the event without a formal dress shirt. The team immediately went into action. Tequila Williams, Back of the House Manager, informed Victoria about the boy while Tequila's husband retrieved her own son's dress shirt for the boy to wear. Victoria and another Team Member, Valentina, arranged a lovely plate of desserts making the boy feel extra-special. The look on his face when they gave him the shirt and desserts is something the team will never forget. In fact, they won The Spirit of the Garden award for their caring actions.

Owners Mr. and Mrs. Nicotra remark on Victoria's contributions, "We have known Victoria since 2011, and she has been a superstar and a valuable part of our Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island team. She is kind and caring to our Guests, so it's not a surprise to know that she has generously volunteered her time to make a lasting positive impact. Her patients will be lucky to have her as their Audiologist, just as our team has felt lucky to have her as a Banquet Server and Bridal Attendant.,"

Thank you, Victoria for sharing your heartfelt hospitality and making an incredible positive impact on the lives of your Guests and patients each and every day.