Global/Corporate News

Sayed Salem

November 27, 2017

Recently, the hotel had the Arab Kuwaiti Football Club staying there for almost 15 days. On the last day the team had a farewell party and insisted on meeting with Team Members during it. They kindly presented them with certificates as a token of their appreciation for an exceptional stay, before departing for the airport.

Once they had left, Sayed was doing his usual restaurant check and found a bag under one of the tables. Working with Security, he learned that the bag belonged to a member of the football team. He quickly contacted the tour leader who shared that the team was already at the airport and had no time to return.

Sayad didn't let the unfortunate news stop him - he made the decision to travel 60km to the airport, in his own car, to ensure the bag was returned. With just 20 minutes to spare before take-off, the ever-grateful football player was reunited with his valuables!

Sayed, thank you for bringing our Vison, Mission and Values to life and making Hilton the most hospitable company in the world!