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5 Trade Show Secrets for Networking Success

Nishita Jain of a2z Inc. explains how trade shows can provide increased value to attendees and exhibitors. How can you facilitate networking and relationship-building for both sides of the booth? Easy-to-use technology and dedicated meeting space are great places to start. Read the full article at Event Manager Blog for all five networking-friendly ideas to make your trade show an industry staple.

19 Ways to ‘Kill It’ at Your Next Networking Event

Networking events can be a huge boon to your career. Your new connections can spark creativity and brainstorming, land you a new job or even boost your sales. With all you stand to gain from a networking event, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. Josh Rampton, contributor for Entrepreneur, compiled 19 tips you should consider when prepping.

What to Say at Networking Events to Eliminate Awkward Moments

Humans are hard-wired to use communication as a survival tool, but this often leads us to long-winded lectures about ourselves. When networking, it’s important to know when to talk, when to listen and how to move a conversation forward. This post at Fast Company will prep you to move past the small talk and make a meaningful impression at your next meeting.

Making the Most of a Networking Event

Whether you’re new to networking or you’re just not getting the valuable results you expected, the Columbia University Center for Career Education hopes to give you a boost. This tip sheet begins with setting goals before the event and walks you through how to keep in touch with your new connections. At the event, the article suggests keeping conversations brief but offering to connect for a more thorough discussion over coffee or lunch. This gives you a concrete reason to follow up without the usual awkwardness.

Seven Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Networking Events

You don’t have to be a job seeker to find value in networking events. New entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and sales reps have a lot to gain from forging new connections. Nellie Akalp, CEO of, suggests that the first thing to do is flip your point of view from what you need to what you can offer. Take the pressure off yourself and focus on your fellow attendees. Read more in this article at Mashable.

How to Talk to Anyone at a Networking Event

Most Americans approach networking in the same way they approach work: efficiency first. The typical interview-style conversation, full of facts and little else, doesn’t make you memorable or intriguing. Instead, go into your next networking event with interesting stories to tell and topics to bring up when an awkward silence threatens to take over. In fact, don’t talk about your job if you can help it. Talk about your ideas and experiences. This article at Business Insider offers thoughtful advice on starting, holding and ending a conversation successfully.

The Five Worst Pieces of Networking Advice – and What to do Instead

Although networking is a topic that has infiltrated countless articles, blogs and self-help books, this buzzword is much more than a fad. Interaction stimulates creativity and new ideas. However, amidst all the advice and anecdotes are several networking “tips” that you should disregard. This post at Forbes describes five pieces of advice you shouldn’t take, and what to do instead.

People Are Listening and You Haven’t Said a Word Yet

Award-winning international speaker and public speaking coach, Jagneet Singh, shares three simple tips for making a solid first impression. According to Singh, it takes just three seconds for someone to take in your appearance, body language and the way you carry yourself. This impression quickly factors into a person’s decision of how and whether to interact with you. When you pay close attention to what your style and body language are saying, you can spotlight your authenticity, creativity and confidence to make networking easier and more effective.

Be the Closer: How to Start and End Conversations at Networking Events

It’s always awkward when you’ve been speaking with someone and the conversation lulls, but no one wants to be the one to end it. Emily Miethner, Founder and CEO of FindSpark, has some great advice for closing a dialog with tact and assertiveness. She also offers several ways to strike up a conversation. With her suggestions, you can take charge of the most challenging parts of networking and put your new connections at ease.

How to Power Network Like a Relationship Coach

“Face-to-face is the new FaceTime,” says Laurie Davis, founder of digital dating consultancy According to her experience, in-person meetings are still crucial for relationship development, and business is still about “who you know.” If you find it difficult to make meaningful connections at networking events, check out her advice at The Huffington Post. She’ll help you reinvent the way you work a room.

Networking Made Easy: 8 Conversation Starters for Those Who Don’t Know Where to Start

One of the best things you can do for your next networking event is resist the urge to bring a friend for support. Having a safety net can actually hinder your chances of starting conversations and meeting new people, which is a huge part of what makes networking events so important. Get comfortable with these eight simple conversation starters and you’ll never need to feel like a wallflower.

4 Networking Hacks for #EventProfs

A robust network is crucial for event planners. As you make big requests of sponsors and vendors, seek out unique ideas and search for new talent, those professional relationships will be an exceptional resource. These four hacks will help you make the most of your time and effort while building a varied and valuable professional network.

13 Things Not to Do at a Networking Event, Ever

We often share advice about what to do at a networking event, but what about what not to do? Before you head out in your business professional attire, make sure you’re not the person in the room making everyone else cringe with awkwardness. These 13 networking don’ts, collected from members of the Young Entrepreneur Council, will guide you away from ineffective and downright annoying networking strategies so that your new connections get the best possible impression of you.

9 Tips for Navigating Your First Networking Event

If you’re a networking newbie, you might feel a bit uncertain about how to make the most of your first meet and greet. These nine tips will walk you through preparation, conversation, and following up with your new connections. Laura Katen’s advice will have you networking like a pro in no time!

4 Ways to Ace Your Next Networking Event

“Networking can be your life support,” says Molly Cain, international speaker and founder of In her article for Forbes, Cain describes how essential it is to maintain a healthy professional network. She also advises readers not to get caught up in simply attending events. Follow her four networking rules to ensure that every event you attend grows and cultivates your professional network in a meaningful way.

Conference Networking: Prime the Pump Before Your Event

Networking is a crucial part of the event business. Rather than leaving attendees to fend for themselves, try to connect them with other like-minded guests before they even arrive. Ask questions about the types of people they want to meet, host pre-conference webinars with a live chat to encourage audience interaction, and make your event known as a place to connect. This post at Cvent outlines exactly how you can play the role of professional matchmaker for your guests, ensuring that they’ll return year after year.

Event Apps: Helping Attendees Network

Many of your event attendees may have virtual connections through social media. Experienced event planners know that a little help drawing those familiar people together will go a long way toward successful networking and relationship building among your guests. By assuming an active role in bringing people together, you’ll show your attendees that you value what’s important to them. This post from Cvent suggests ways an event app can enhance networking at your event.

6 Ways to Network Within Your Company (And Score That Promotion)

There’s a big difference between an external job search and seeking an opportunity within your organization. Networking with people you see on a daily basis comes with its own set of strategies and challenges. Network Under 40 provides several key points to consider when seeking a promotion. Personal branding, building relationships, and finding your niche in the big picture are all important aspects of setting yourself up for success.

Killing the Cliques and Other Networking Tips for a Successful Annual Meeting

Networking is important for returning attendees and first-timers alike, but it can be a challenge to get everyone interacting outside their existing groups. While returnees arrive looking for each other, newbies may get left out in the cold. It’s in the event planner’s best interest to ensure everyone has their networking needs met, but how can you tackle this problem from all sides? Christina R. Green at Event Manager Blog explains the best ways to increase interaction.

Networking: How to Work a Room

Branching out and making a good impression are key to success at any networking event. Although an industry reception may seem like a party, it’s important to remember how to conduct yourself professionally and leave with new connections rather than a bad reputation. You’ll find some great pointers for meeting new people and making the most of the networking experience in this post at Cvent.

3 Ways to Facilitate Networking at Your Events

Most people find networking to be a daunting task. It’s important and necessary, but even the most experienced professionals can have a hard time finding an opening or connecting with the right people. As an event planner, you can make networking less of a chore by exploring these three ideas from Cvent. They’re easy to implement and sure to take some of the pressure off your guests!