Global/Corporate News

Charles Zhang

July 24, 2017

​​​Meet Charles Zhang, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at Hilton Beijing in China.

As a manager overseeing various restaurants and Team Members, Charles goes above and beyond to meet the unique needs of all Guests and ensure they experience exceptional service during their stay.

When Guests recently discovered they would be making a business trip to China, a country they had never visited, they became a bit anxious. Being far away from home with severe food allergies and a lack of fluency in Mandarin, they were worried that they might end up requiring medical attention and have difficulty communicating their needs.

The Guests contacted Hilton Beijing in advance of their trip to communicate their severe food allergies and concerns, and they were thrilled with the response! Charles jumped into action and the Guests experienced his meticulous preparation on their first morning at the hotel. To their surprise and delight, while the Guests were visiting the Executive Lounge for breakfast, Team Members immediately provided them with a gluten-free menu. Later that same day, Charles generously took the Guests to each restaurant in the hotel and reassured them that the food preparation staff had already been made aware of their dietary restrictions and would help them choose the safest options on each menu.

Due to Charles' thoughtfulness and outstanding planning, these Guests had an exceptional experience at Hilton Beijing and discovered firsthand how the team delivers heartfelt hospitality to their Guests from around the world. Charles, thank you for bringing our Vision, Mission and Values to life and making Hilton the most hospitable company in the world!