Global/Corporate News

Alex Fu

November 13, 2017

For Alex, Conrad Hilton's Dream to "fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality" is not just a distant vision first enunciated by our founder, but also his personal mission and responsibility.

Ever since Alex joined Hilton Xi'an on June 1, 2017, he has consistently exemplified our Hilton values - by doing his best to meet the needs of every hotel Guest and to treat them as family. As a result, in the short time that Alex has been with Hilton Xi'an, he has already received numerous 'Thank You' emails from Guests for his warm service and considerate care. He is also the recipient of 66 Catch Me At My Best cards, an impressive feat for a Team Member with only five months of service!

Recently, Alex helped a Guest out of an unexpected predicament. The Guest was due to catch a flight from Beijing to Norway and had intended to travel to Beijing airport via high-speed train from Xi'an, where the hotel is located. However, heavy rains had caused all high-speed train services between Xi'an and Beijing to be cancelled. The Guest was frantic as he had to arrive in Beijing on the same day in order to catch his flight to Norway.

Determined to find an alternative travel route for the Guest, Alex scoured for flight tickets online and concurrently reached out to his friends in travel agencies for their help in securing a ticket. After an hour of persistent searching and liaising with his contacts, Alex managed to obtain the last flight ticket available that day, departing Xi'an for Beijing at 10pm.

However, Alex's efforts did not stop there. He braved the heavy rains, ran to the train station and helped the Guest with a ticket refund. Thereafter, he arranged for a car to take the Guest to Xi'an airport.

In going above and beyond his call of duty, Alex truly demonstrated our Hilton values of Hospitality, Ownership and Now. Thank you, Alex, for spreading the light and warmth of Hilton hospitality and providing our Guests with exceptional experiences!