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Ian Li

Meet Ian Li‍, Finance Management Trainee at Hilton Foshan.

The Story

Ian started his job at Hilton Foshan with no prior hospitality experience. Nevertheless, a fast learner, he quickly adapted and has meticulously taken on all roles and responsibilities assigned to him throughout his ongoing two-year rotation across the different functions, in the hotel's Finance department. Not only did he deliver top-notch work performance, he has also helped to foster stronger relations between the Finance department and other departments in the hotel, through mutual cooperation and by earning the trust of other Team Members.

He is currently into the last segment of his 2-year management trainee program, in the General Ledgers team. Guided by the philosophy of pursuing process optimization and ever an innovative spirit, Ian has helped to markedly improve the expense claims process through automation and by coming up with the idea of channeling all transport costs from Didi (the local version of Uber in China) to a central company expense account. To this end, he set up a corporate account on Didi which allows all Team Members to hire a car for business travel through the account, hence eliminating the need for Team Members to first pay for the ride on their personal accounts and having to claim for it subsequently. This implementation has helped to optimize resources within the General Ledgers function and resulted in increased productivity of Team Members.

Ian also strongly believes that all Team Members of Hilton can be ambassadors of our Hilton values - and he has set out to exemplify just that. As webmaster of H360 for the hotel's Blue Energy Committee, Ian actively leverages any opportunity to spread the word about Community service - through organizing meaningful Community outreaches and by frequently uploading content on how the hotel has and can make an impact on the Community.

Last year for instance, Ian galvanized Team Members to organize a special cookie bake sale at the hotel. What was unusual about this bake sale however, was that they had invited 30 deaf children to learn how to bake these cookies and to subsequently sell them at the bake sale. Not only did the children pick up a useful skill, they also learned the value of being independent. All participants were very grateful to the hotel team for giving them this opportunity.

Thank you, Ian, for your enthusiasm and commitment to our Guests and Team Members, and for always striving to bring Hilton's Vision, Mission and Values to life!